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National Travel Attitudes Study: Wave 5


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Behaviour change

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The National Travel Attitudes Study (NTAS) is an online and telephone survey which covers responses from individuals aged 16 and over in England, drawn from people who have previously responded to the National Travel Survey (NTS).
This release covers Wave 5 of the NTAS and centres around attitudes towards cycling with a special focus on electric bicycles (e-bikes) and cycle training courses. Additionally, one chapter that covers travel behaviour during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across all modes of transport and one chapter that covers walking were included. The survey was conducted in January and February 2021. In total, 2,554 people completed the survey.

Key statistics

said well-maintained pavements (even, clean, uncluttered, well-lit) would encourage them to walk more
When respondents were asked for things that would encourage them to walk more, the answer option ?Well-maintained pavements (even, clean, uncluttered, well-lit)? proved to be most popular and was chosen by 74% of the sample. Other options related to walking infrastructure, such as more direct walking routes (43%) and ?Better provision for health needs (e.g. benches, public toilets, access ramps)? (40%) were also chosen frequently as were options relating to safety such as safer roads (45%) and more safer crossing points (44%).

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