Physical, mental and social health

Changing urban contexts Delivering a healthy and inclusive green recovery for Glasgow



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Physical, mental and social health

Employees / workplace, Community, Families / residential, Individuals, Town centres / Urban

This report explores the role of socio-demographic and ?place factors? such as housing, spatial features, neighbourhood resources and transport and travel, in shaping the Glasgow population?s experience, behaviour and exposure to COVID-19.
Whole systems approaches, which encourage community participation, are advocated to support recovery and transition from the pandemic, and a range of recommendations are offered to facilitate the fair distribution of the city?s built and natural resources.

Key statistics

of people in Glasgow can walk to nearest greenspace within 5 minutes (65% for Scotland as a whole)
The already high levels of deprivation and poor health in Glasgow, together with spatial differences in the urban characteristics of the city, mean that the impact of the pandemic on the population is likely to have exacerbated existing inequalities across the city.

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